keep on smiling

Anonymous: what a levels did you do??? people tell me I'm an idiot for choosing four heavy subjects but idk I start year 12 on wednesday 😖 also is sixth form as scary as people make it out to be like all that stuff "if GCSEs r a water fight then a levels r the Vietnam war!!1!1!2" idk man im scared I'm sorry 

I originally did History, ICT, Philosophy and Ethics and also English language and English literature however I only did 6 months of English!

You’re not an idiot, if you feel you can do it then you’ll be fine and if you apply the work it will show! They’re YOUR A Levels, no one else. Sixth Form is different, and I can honestly say that. I went from an all girls school to an all boys school,  I had NO friends there and well when I joined Sixth Form I had crap things happening in my life but I still enjoyed it, it was a good experience and it was completely different but it sort of made me grow up even more, just go to it with an open mind!

Now I must say they are COMPLETELY different to GCSE’s but you will hopefully get taught new exam techiniques and ways of learning. For example I was an A*/A student at GCSE, i’m now a B/C A Levels student from my first year but you will hopefully find your feet soon and just remember that the studying counts this year!

(When I did my GCSE I ALWAYS said “i will never be one of those Sixth Formers who say “GCSE’s were so easy compared to A Levels!11!!!1” but well, you will change to one of them)